A Coldspotters Coldcon Weekend in Westminster, BC – By June Nixon

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Medea and I were asked to do a presentation at Coldcon about Women in the Paranormal. Even though we are women and love investigating all things Paranormal, we came to find out that this was NOT our favorite subject. Yes, there are women in the paranormal field now that aren’t ALL psychic and Yes, women are starting to outnumber men in the field and NO I do not scream and run everytime I hear a noise in a creepy old house. Actually I’m the kind of person that it takes a lot to scare me (in the paranormal that is, I’m afraid of the living more than the dead), I try to be very calming and soothing…ANYWAY, I am getting off the subject. I want to talk about our weekend in Canada with the Coldspotters.

We had a really nice drive there, no rain, sunny skies and an only 20 minute wait at the border. The thing I didn’t realize is my GPS didn’t recognize Canada as a Country, I didn’t BUY that for it. Grrr. AND my phone wouldn’t work across the border. So we were very happy that the person we were staying with gave us amazing, simple directions on how to get there. So, that night Kerri took us to where we were meeting some of the wonderful Coldspotter team. They wanted to take us to a very creepy abandoned cemetery once owned by the BC Prison, it took us a bit of time to get there, walking through very LIVE blackberry bushes and trying to climb up on big rocks. If you don’t know me, I’m not much of an outdoor person, but everyone helped hold down the blackberry bushes and pull me up on the rocks. They were so amazing and kind. But it was worth it, the cemetery was not very big and there were just a few markers with numbers on them. To be buried without a name… It was very dark by that time and thank goodness we found an easier way out. But it was very cool.

We then went to the very haunted Spaghetti Factory, of course it was so crowded that if there were ghosts I did not see them. Such a good dinner and great conversation with wonderful people.

After that we went to the infamous Riverview Asylum and walked around, we couldn’t go in the buildings but it was awesome just walking around them.

After that we went back to the home where we were staying at and did an investigation. Medea and I slept in the Most Haunted Room and had some interesting experiences.

The next day was Sunday, we had lunch at The Castle (it used to be apart of the old prison) very cool place and laid back wait staff and cook, but delicious food. We rested a bit then drove to the Old Columbia Theater in Westminster. Really cool old place. Coldcon was great, we met a lot of wonderful vendors, people that we are friends with on FaceBook and got to hear some great speakers.

Our presentation went okay, Medea was amazing as usual. It was SOOOOOOOO much fun. Also had some interesting incidents with one of the Haunted Dolls there. We saw her fly backwards OFF the table, it looked like someone pulled or pushed her. The lights would dim and then come back on, a few things fell down, it was just strange, not saying they were ALL paranormal, but very interesting.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend and we had the best time, especially with the gift baskets they gave us with wine, batteries, earphones, chocolates, cute ghost hunting necklace, etc. We can’t wait to do this again next year, IF they want us back that is. We love our new Canadian friends!

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