Even Ghost Gurlz Get the Blues – By Medea Aguiar


I watched a doll fly backwards off of a table the other night. In a room full of people, and there were at least 2 other people that directly witnessed the event. My reaction? I really didn’t have much of one. My investigator instincts kicked in and I immediately replayed the event, troubleshooting every detail. My arms are on the same table that she just flew off the end of, I did not feel a bump or blow to the table. I cannot wiggle the table, she did not fall over backwards, or she would have still been laying on the table. She flew backwards with a good deal of speed of her own accord. I was looking at her when it happened, and no one else touched her. I was not excited, I was not afraid, I just wanted to know why.
I have witnessed and experienced some awesome things, and captured some excellent evidence in my years of doing this. But every time I, in my human arrogance, think that I have finally figured out some piece of the puzzle, something else will happen that confirms the actual truth, I still know nothing. I know nothing beyond my methods for deducing where I need to be and how long I need to remain there to see something. Sometimes I feel like I am simply an accomplished witness, an investigative journalist. Observe, document, and report, trying to leave any uniformed bias or opinion at the door.
Of course, there is more to it. But I must constantly fuel the momentum and remind myself to not become jaded or cynical in the face of what has now become routine. 10 years ago, I would have been over the moon to see an object move on its own, or hear a disembodied voice. After all these years, the cheap thrill of an adrenaline surge is harder to come by. I cannot become complacent simply because I haven’t seen anything new in a while.
I really think investigating is like a marriage, if you don’t remind yourself of the simple pleasures and constantly work at it, it can become stale. So, I now I am working on some new things, taking inspiration from both new technology and very old methods to see what I can do to become a better witness. I may not ever find a satisfying answer to the phenomenon that I feel compelled to seek out, but the quest is an integral part of who I am… I love the search, I love the glimpses of what is possible, and I love my paranormal family, which is ever expanding.
Stay tuned for my next blog… How the Ghost Gurl got her groove back.

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