If You Show Me Your Orbs, I’ll Show You Mine…


Orbs. The Paranormal investigator’s dread with the general public. Now I’m not saying there are no orbs, I’ve actually seen tiny orbs with my own eyes. Ross Allison has seen an orb in an old graveyard with his own eyes. But I’m talking pictures. 9 out of 10 pictures with orbs (actually I will say 9.8 out of 10) are usually dust, lint, bugs, any kind of small thing that reflects against the flash of your camera. I wish they were a ball of energy of our dearly departed but it’s probably part of the dust you are kicking up as you walk. Of course be very gentle if you are in a clients home, DON’T tell her the pictures have a LOT of dust in them because her home is really dusty, I don’t think she or he would appreciate that so much. lol. 

Now saying this, I am very kind when I say, I think that is just dust in your picture. There are times I won’t say what it is, like the woman that came up to me and showed me a picture of herself and her little boy and an orb by her shoulder, she told me her mom just passed away a week before and she thinks that is her mom. All I said in that case is, Oh that’s so nice for you, you know she is always close by you.  What kind of person would I be telling her my opinion that it’s only a some drier lint floating around and not your dear mom. Ugh.  Anyway, if that is not the case when you show me your orb picture and I say, do you want me to be honest? If you say yes, you had better prepare yourself and not go ballistic and get all defensive.  If you don’t want to hear my honest opinion, please don’t ask me then, I’m sure you will be able to find another group out there that will agree with you. 

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