My First Investigation at the Walker Ames House – By Scarlett Wicker


Walker Ames house in Port Gamble:

       This was my first “official” over night investigation and I knew nothing about the house or the town before my arrival.  I had a few personal experiences from this house. The first being in the attic, I had been sitting on the bench in the attic and very suddenly the whole left side of my face and arm started to tingle and getting extremely hot… It was a very odd sensation which lingered for about 4 minutes and then it just went away . I believe I was up there with two other investigators at the time and no one else seemedto feel “weird” or particularly hot. After I got up from the bench and I didn’t feel anything like that for the rest of the evening.
       My second experience I believe was somewhere along the 2 or 3 a.m hours on the middle floor in the room across the hall from the yellow room I was with my fiance Casey when I heard with my own ears what sounded like a woman sobbing. I had asked if he had heard that and he said he did not. But we did manage to capture it on EVP which seemed like it was further away but in the moment it felt like it was right next to me.
      My last experience was probably around 4 AM in the attic… Originally Casey and I were just going to go up there to grab some equipment but of course I thought that it would be necessary to do a quick EVP session.  We were walking up to the attic and once we got up there something spooked Casey so much that he just wanted to get out of there as fast as possible. There’s actually a pretty embarrassing picture (for Casey) that shows the fear on his face at that moment, the true meaning of the saying a picture is worth a thousand words. Casey was already by the stairs so I  walked over to grab the full spectrum camera and while i was doing that I felt as if something brushed against my face ( it was probably just a breeze or who knows but it definitely heightened the situation  as the panic insued  ) after we shared with the group our experience and the look of terror on Casey’s face Leslie, Casey and I went back up there for further investigation…. During that time all three of us were witnessing a glowing light anomaly of sorts that was forming on the chimney. It is really hard to explain but the way that I can think of its formation or movement is it almost moved like a lava lamp.  We did everything we could to the debunk this… making sure there was no light sources that were coming in from anywhere else in the Attic. We stood in front of it, blocked at all angles with our clipboards, covered the light bulb that was hanging down from the ceiling. It was pitch black up there and absolutely no light coming in. This being my first investigation I know I should have had a camera on me or something to record it. I think we were all pretty dumbfounded and in a trans like state racking our brains as to what we were looking at. All in all it was a wonderful investigation I definitely want to go back to the Walker Ames i loved the town and the people in it! 

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