My Journey to the Advanced Ghost Hunters of Seattle Tacoma – By June Nixon

0ff97de8_o - June AGHOST - 2

I started off my journey as a paranormal investigator right after my divorce from my ex husband. I was watching a Ghost Hunting show at the time and thought, this is all a bunch of CRAP, I want to do this and debunk everything. I’ll show people there are NO such things as ghosts!  So I started taking classes on the paranormal and ghost hunting. Neil McNeill out here in Seattle offers some amazing classes, also if you want to get in touch with your psychic side (which by the way, I’m as psychic as a rock) William Becker offers some amazing classes too. So after taking all these classes, I really wanted to find my own group, my own niche, people I can call family.  I went on a few interviews for groups, a couple I knew weren’t for me but one in particular was pretty horrible.  I was kind of dressed up at the time and they were asking me really stupid questions, like, IF you saw a ghost would you run away? IF you got touched would you scream? IF you saw a shadow person, would you be scared? – I kid you not, those were the questions. THEN the extremely rude leader of the group at the time, slammed his hand down on the table and said – YOU DO Realize, don’t you, that if you break a nail on an investigation, we can’t stop it until you get it fixed. – Yes, that jerk said that to me.  All I said was, HEY just because I don’t look like a MAN, does not mean I’m not a good investigator.  I realized the other “women” at the table were very tough looking. NOPE, this was not the group for me. Sheeez.

So finally I found a nice group called King County Paranormal Investigations (KCPI) which kind of faded a bit, so then after a few more visits to groups I found Northwest Paranormal Research Group run by Tod Kertz.  Tod was the sweetest guy and had the biggest heart of anyone I knew. He could make me so mad but then make me laugh within a few seconds. He would invite WAY TOO MANY people on an investigation and we could not get good evidence because of that. He was one of my best friends.  We started our own Radio show and had some amazing guests like Christopher St. Booth, Johnny Hauser, Mark and Debbie Constantino, Ross Allison, etc.  Tod introduced me to MANY incredible people that now I consider to be my best friends. He also introduced me to Ross Allison, President of AGHOST. I begged Ross to talk to Tod about all the people he was inviting. Ross even invited Tod and I and Ed on a small investigation at the Comedy Underground one night just to show him that it was much better to have a small group.  Ross then opened Spooked in Seattle Ghost Tours down at 102 Cherry Street.  I started helping a bit with that and loved being with the owners Mark Simpson and Ross.  Sadly, Tod passed away shortly after. The hole in my life was pretty deep, he was a wonderful person and a great friend. I couldn’t bare the thought of being in the group without Tod, so that is when I moved to AGHOST. I feel like I’m finally home.

So as to my quest to debunk everything, I have not been able to do that for a few things and have left more questions unanswered. Things like, seeing a dark shadow that didn’t belong to any person, getting EVPS of people that weren’t in our group, feeling touches and pokes and nothing is there, feeling ice cold spots in the middle of a hot summer…a lot of things like that. Even if I go to 20 investigations and have nothing at all, it only takes one little EVP or something to make me love this anymore. A.G.H.O.S.T. is a completely different group from what it used to be. We have a drama free group, anyone causing disruptions is asked to leave, which we have not so far.  Everyone works together and we are building an amazing TEAM!! It’s open membership so we also plan a lot of fun things too.  We are planning our trip back to the OLD Montana Prison and Museum next year to spend the night in the prison. So a lot of things are in the works. So that is my journey so far and it’s getting even better ALL the time.

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