Psychics on an investigation: A Round Peg in a Square Hole By Georgia

Great article written by Georgia Kalasountas about working on her psychic self and how to work beside a paranormal investigator to help them with their other tools they use for an investigation. When they work side by side and how they can help each other.

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By Georgia Kalasountas

As the subject of investigating the paranormal started to become more prevalent in popular culture, psychics such as myself were thrilled to put it mildly. At least that was my experience. We had found kindred souls all wanting to do what we do naturally, and folks who didn’t think we were crazy. Wow, how cool could that be?
We show up to our first meeting, and indeed we are met with some wonderfully open minded people. We develop wonderful friendships, have a great time learning all things paranormal and meeting new people. We get to go to some really cool haunted locations too. But then, some reality sinks in, and we start to question what exactly we are doing. Sometimes our findings really don’t match with the history (our worst nightmare) or the fear we find something odd and just down right strange and far fetched. Technology was not really my forte, and when someone starts to describe EVPs and EMFs, and infrared all of a sudden my eyes start to glaze over. I nod politely and wonder: “what am I doing here?”
I realize that there are psychics who are quite good with all of the above mentioned and then some. But mostly we have a our own bag of tricks: Tarot cards, Astrology, meditation, and pendulums and the like. Which are quiet frankly fun. But scientific would really be a relative term when it comes to using such things in an investigation. So we try and use what ever we can, get as much information as possible, and speak everything we say and feel, so as to get some form of validation. And suddenly, to our chagrin, as if by magic, an non psychic feels certain vibes goose bumps and they get more credibility than you do. What’s up with that?
Well, first off don’t be so hard on yourself, and secondly it is not about you, or me. Indeed I do feel that paranormal investigations along with psychic readings can blend well, and compliment each other. They can validate one another, whether it be EVPs that match what you see, to knowing the history of the place to describing what the client has experienced. At least this is what can happen on a good investigation. But keeping them separate but equal like our branches of government can prove less productive. No pun intended.
They can truly be two different beasts, a psychic medium or spiritualist vs. a science based paranormal researcher, but we can play well together when on the same team, and if we realize our goals are similar, our credibility can strengthen any group. Then our roundness can fill in the square of furthering the belief in life after death.

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