The Old Montana Prison and Museum


My experiences at the Old Montana Prison and Museum in Deer Lodge, MT.  From Seattle, this place is ONLY a 12 hour drive or so and really worth going to.  We stayed at a really nice motel less than a mile away, but make SURE you reserve your rooms, they had some events going on in the area and we were lucky to have one reserved.

The first time I went was a couple of years ago with Puget Sound Ghost Hunters, we had so much fun. This is why I love working with other groups and getting to know others with the same likes that I have. So I think one of the scariest times I have EVER had investigating was when we were in the Administration building. My friend Matt and I were walking down this long, pitch black hallway with one little flashlight. All of a sudden I felt like I brushed up against something, I looked down, nothing was there.  For a moment I thought I was just having a little stroke or something weird, so I was about to say something, then changed my mind, I took a few more steps AND it happened again.  This time I felt like I rubbed up against a dog or a person that was on all fours on the ground. I have never had a feeling like that before. It was as if I KNEW there was a crazy man dressed as a clown right behind me and I started to get nervous and then was overcome with panic.  Which honestly NEVER happens to me.  I’m one of the calmest and most level headed people I know, and all of a sudden, I felt I was in danger. I said to my friend Matt, OMG Matt, we have got to get out of here, we need to leave NOW.  So I think he was a little unnerved because he had never heard me sound or act like that.  He then said, OKAY, and started down the hallway with me following him, as I walked, I felt like someone was right at my right ear, breathing on me, I can’t explain it, I felt scared for my life, which made me walk a lot faster. I have no idea why I felt that way but when I finally got to the clearing and out of that hallway, I immediately felt better and said, Oh man, I have no idea what that was, I have no idea why I acted that way.  THEN on the recording, which I had been carrying with me the whole time, we got a great little EVP in an extremely creepy voice saying, “IT’S MEEEEE.”

I got goosebumps when hearing it, when we get all the audio on our web page, it will be on there for you to hear. BUT that has been the ONLY time I have been scared on an investigation. Now there have been a few times that we have had some scary people close by or some wild animals, but paranormal wise, nothing ever really scares me.  I am a LOT more afraid of the living than I am the dead.

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