The Human Barometer By Julie Lynn Try


That’s what a team member called me once. I laughed, but the best equipment that you have as an investigator is…well…YOU.

Your body will tell you things. We seem to work hard on dulling our sense by ignoring what we feel or focusing on our necessary day to day tasks. This is completely normal and important to getting through what we need to accomplish. The trick is to get to know the signals in your different environments.

You should keep in mind that I am only on an initial step in my journey. I am not a doctor, and I’m not an expert. Anything I share is from my own experience. There are many of you who likely know a lot more, so I encourage you to share and comment but please be gentle. J

I was (and still am) an equipment junkie.

It is important to know that in my experience, when I’m working with equipment, my focus is different. Call it a “right-brain/left-brain” thing if you like, but I am in a different head space when I’m with my equipment. For a long time this is how I investigated. But I wanted to add to that evidence. I wanted to be able to have more of a connection in the space, if that makes sense.

Opening up my psychic side.

When I started working to open up my psychic side (with amazing teachers like William Becker and Ankasha), I noticed that what I started experiencing wasn’t what I expected. So much of what I was experiencing wasn’t what I initially expected as “psychic.” Yes, some of it came through as flashes of images or “hearing” a voice. But more of it seemed to be about how I feel.

Go against your everyday training.

For most of us, we go through our days working to ignore our bodies and our feelings. “I have a headache, it’ll go away.” “My tummy is upset, oh take a tums.” “How did I get that bruise, I don’t even remember bumping into anything.”

Start listening.

The first step is to pay attention to your body on an everyday basis. This is HARD! But is necessary. Yes, you may need to face some demons, like the coffee that upsets your tummy or the crash after the chocolate-inducing sugar high… Don’t panic, I’m not suggesting you give these up. But you need to know what these notices from your body are so that when you are in a different situation, you can better understand what you may be feeling.

Listen in context.

Now that you know what your body is doing on a regular basis, you can tell when something you are feeling may be coming from some other influence. Are you feeling a sugar crash when you haven’t had sugar and you happen to be investigating and you’ve asked the room to speak to you? Guess what. It’s just possible that it is speaking to you. Just not in the language you are accustomed to.

A few examples.

Investigating in a church. A small group of us walk into a room. There is a candle on the table and matches nearby. I light the candle and sit on the couch. Now I feel suddenly nauseas, so I ask my team, does anyone else feel different in here? The answers all come back that they feel happy, light and peaceful. I move to a different chair, different part of the room. It only changes when I leave the room, feeling fine the rest of the evening. (In case you’re curious, it was later suggested that perhaps I was not supposed to have lit the candle. I cannot validate this without going back in the same conditions and not lighting the candle, or asking permission first. But it’s now a personal experience I might not have noticed.)

Investigating an old hotel. Walking down the hallway, I get dizzy in one spot. To test this, I slowly walk back and forth down the hallway and it is always in that same spot. Then I start noticing something else. As I walk down the hallway, I start realizing that as I cross into that spot, my head just falls over to the side. When it does this, it feels normal. This is why I didn’t notice it at first. Then, when I pass beyond the spot, my head pops back up to its regular position, still feeling normal. In other parts of the building, I try to tilt my head into that same position and I’m not able to without being very uncomfortable. (I later, without reporting what happened, ask others about the hallway and they tell me that in that spot, others sense someone standing there. With a neck problem.)

An example from my team who were investigating a house. Many of them started feeling tired and were cranky. Later when they were watching the video, they observed nearly all on the team seem to move more slowly, sit down more often and breathing more heavily and become more easily frustrated and short tempered with one another. (This location was later identified where one or more people had passed on from hunger.)

The two examples above are just examples of things that I would not have paid attention to if I hadn’t started focusing on listening to my body. The third is a recounting of an investigation before my time, but one that our psychic director uses as an example of listening to your body.

Note, note, note.

The most important part is to make notes. Note the time, what you’re feeling and where you are so that you can correlate that with experiences from others or even with other evidence.

And keep working on listening.

Thank you.

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