The Ghost Gurlz of the Pacific Northwest – By Teresa Nordheim

This is an older article that Teresa Nordheim had written about The Ghost Gurlz, join us for our Radio show on Thursday nights at 7:00.


Located in the Pacific Northwest is a group of all-female ghost hunters. They call themselves the Ghost Gurlz and pride themselves in showing the public that they are not only beautiful women, but skilled ghost hunters as well.

The Ghost Gurlz consists of June, Casi, and Medea. They are often joined by a special guest, Wendy, who helps with their talk-radio show. The radio show takes listens along on a live broadcast of their investigation or reveals findings from a previous investigation. They each bring a unique quality to the group, and together they create a show that is both interesting and entertaining.

1. Do you think women have any advantages over men when it comes to ghost hunting? What about disadvantages?

Medea: I haven’t really noticed any difference in how we work that doesn’t replay itself in every other work/social dynamic.

June: A lot of time people expect if you call yourself an all-girl group you, should be really hot, although Casi and Medea are really hot, I’ve got big girl hotness and attitude.

Casi: Women are naturally more emotional in life. I think we can be sympathetic/empathetic towards certain situations sometimes better than men and not miss some of those details and feelings that can come through during an investigation.

Wendy: It looks to be a fairly level playing field on the actual investigation?

2. Is it possible to ghost hunt in high heels?

Medea: I guess you could. I think are uncomfortable, unsafe, and loud. I was on an investigation where someone showed up with heeled boots on. I had so much audio that included nothing but the click, click, clack. We typically are on our feet all night when working, so I’m a sneaker and Dr. Martens girl myself.

June: Yep, I agree with Medea, unless you are sitting down the whole time, do not wear heals or hard soles on an investigation. It really stinks to go through audio and only hear loud footsteps stomping around, and you know it’s not paranormal.

Casi: Gurlz, gurlz, gurlz! You can totally wear high heels to an investigation… then change into comfy rubber soles. *wink

Wendy: LOL! I can’t even walk in high heels, let alone try to navigate tricky, shadowy terrain in them!

3. What is your favorite location which you have investigated and why?

Medea: Right now, the main portion of the Seattle Underground, which is now effectively closed to investigations, is my favorite.

June: My heart still belongs to Port Gamble, WA at the Walker Ames house that is the first time I saw a shadow in the shape of a person that moved and was not connected to anyone. I can’t explain that and it really made me a bit of a believer.

Casi: I have a powerful draw to Wellington, Washington and the emotions attached with the lives lost. I’ve had personal, amazing experiences there!

Wendy: I’ve only done one actual investigation so far. It was Villisca Axe Murder House in Villisca, IA.

4. Do you believe in ghosts?

Medea: I don’t know. I have seen some pretty convincing evidence, but I think firm belief might kind of close the book on my search. Once I start firmly believing I know the answers, I’m afraid I will stop asking the questions.

June: I agree with Medea. No matter, how many things I have heard or seen there is a tiny voice in the back of my head that thinks there still might be a rational explanation for it. I think what is going to have to happen for me to believe 100%, I’m going to have to see a full-bodied apparition appear in front of me and shake my hand.

Casi: Yes, I do.

Wendy: Yes, I do believe in ghosts and the spirit world, but I very seldom believe what a lot of people claim to see/hear/feel is an actual ghost or paranormal activity.

5. Have you seen a ghost?

Medea: I have seen a few full-bodied apparitions. Are those ghosts? That is still yet to be determined.

June: Like I said, I have seen some unexplained shadows in the shape of people. I have seen something white wisp by me one way then changes and goes back the other way, but have never seen some completely materialize. I would love to.

Casi: I’ve never seen one with my own eyes, but then I’ve never seen oxygen either, and I know it’s there.

Wendy: I have caught unexplainable movement out of the corner of my eye and had some very odd feelings and experiences that had no logical explanation, but I have not seen a full-on ghost anywhere but dreamland.

6. What is the coolest EVP you have heard?

Medea: While in Wellington, I separated from my group to make coffee. I poured an extra cup of coffee and sat it on the picnic table nearby. Though my recorder was sitting in my camp chair about ten feet away, it picked up a woman said, “Thank you, for putting me a cup of coffee” a child-like voice said, “Thank you” and a gravely male voice said, “a whole cup of hot coffee.” The next year I went back and did another EVP session. I said, “I bet you don’t remember me.” A male voice responded, “You brung coffee.”

June: At the Stanwood Hotel and Saloon, we caught several minutes of children talking absolutely no explanation for that whatsoever in a bar at 1:00 in the morning.

Casi: My very first one I caught. A voice told me, “You shouldn’t do that” when I was talking with another investigator about going alone anywhere on an investigation.

Wendy: The one little girl crying and screaming and the man telling her to hush, and a little boy saying his Mommy was dead.

7. Have you ever been touched by a ghost?

Medea: I have been touched by something on several occasions. I think I was also actually struck once with a bit of force. Not sure what the intention was, didn’t know its own strength, or wanted me to leave.

June: I have felt something pull my hair a few times. I have felt something across my neck a few times, which felt like an ice cube being drugged across me. I have also felt a slight touch on my arm and back.

Casi: I’ve had a couple of experiences, most recently at the location in Alki we’re investigating this week.

Wendy: I don’t think so, but some out of the blue goosebumps/crawly skin could have been something I suppose.

8. Do you ever get scared when you are ghost hunting?

Medea: Yes, when Sasquatch decided to show up on an outdoor investigation, I felt true “run for my life” fear.

June: I never am scared of the paranormal. I’m much more afraid of the living than the dead.

Casi: I don’t feel I’ve ever purposely put myself in a dangerous situation on one of our hunts.

Wendy: Yep, pretty much scared, or at least extremely anxious, the whole time.

9. What precautions do you take for safety when you are ghost hunting?

Medea: Knowledge about the hazard of a location is very important. It is really important to dress appropriately for the weather, to make sure that respirators are available in area where air quality is in question. With dilapidated structures, the danger can come from above and below. I just make sure I pay attention to my surroundings, and that I am prepared for most predictable scenarios.

June: It’s nice to do a scope of the area before hand in the light to see if there are any dangers. Also in case there are any wild animals (4 legged and two legged) I carry some mace with me now.

Casi: Be very aware of your surroundings and carry plenty of batteries.

Wendy: Walk the place in the daylight to spot and make a note of potential hazards such as holes in the floor, mold on the walls, walls about to fall down, and so on. Take appropriate PPE and be aware of my surroundings. It’s pretty much like being on a construction site and the safety training applies to both situations. Watch for spiders!

10. What is your favorite piece of equipment?

Medea: My brain.

June: I love my digital camera and digital recorder the best.

Casi: Besides my own senses, my voice recorder. I’ve had most of my evidence by way of EVP.

Wendy: All the above.

11. Do you ever try to aggravate a ghost to get a response?

Medea: No

June: No, I don’t agree with that at all. How would you like it if someone came into your home and started yelling at you to respond to them? I would just leave and ignore those people or make sure their lives were a living hell for being so rude.

Casi: I will be a little aggressive if I think it’s warranted in the situation, but would never be disrespectful or belligerent.

Wendy: I agree, but I admit I had trouble asking questions and talking much on my one time out.

12. What haunted location are you just “dying” to visit?

Medea: The Coliseum in Rome

June: Mary King’s Cross in Edinburgh, Scotland

Casi: Waverly Hills Asylum in Kentucky

Wendy: Stonehenge

13. Who is cuter, Slimer or Casper?

Medea: Casper

June: I love my little Casper.

Casi: Slimer. That is one of my favorite movies and one of my favorite ghosties.

Wendy: Casper of course. He even has a friend named Wendy.

14. Which one of you gets into the most trouble on ghost hunts?

Medea: Casi because she can’t, NOT touch things.

June: Yep, Casi loves to touch things and crawl into holes that have not been opened in a century.

Casi: Probably me. I have a weird need to touch things that haven’t been touched in a hundred years. I feel like this helps me connect to the time, place, and people. I’ve always done that.

Wendy: I plead the fifth.

15. What advice do you have for women or kids who want to start ghost hunting?

Medea: Do it!

June: I think if you really want to know a lot of ins and outs of it, start with a nice Ghost Walk at Spooked in Seattle, then take some ghost hunting classes. Ross Allison is going to start offering them but also Neil McNeill has some excellent classes that he offers. Some of the community colleges offer them too.

Casi: Go for it! My 10-year-old son Taylor loves to ghost hunt with me. I’m so proud of how brave he is; It humbles me.
Wendy: I’m not experienced enough to be giving much if any advice. Be careful and keep your wits about you would be top of the list though.

One last question: Who would you rather meet up with on a dark and stormy night: a ghost, an alien, or Bigfoot?

Medea: I would rather not wet my pants, or melt my brain. So ghost, most definitely.

June: I usually attract big scary men. So I’m sure Bigfoot would want me for his bride. Aliens, no anal probe for me, thank you. So I would LOVE to meet a ghostie in person. I especially wish my mom’s mother would appear to me and tell me about her life.

Casi: Ghostie wins hands down.

Wendy: Bigfoot. I tend to be able to gentle fierce creatures. Although I might not mind meeting a ghostly ancestor or two – if I could survive the initial shock and actually have a conversation with them.

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