Ghost Sex – By June Nixon

Supposed to be a picture that a woman caught of two ghosts having sex with each other…

I’m sure this won’t be the only post about ghost sex but I just wanted to write about it. There are times when I think the perfect boyfriend would be a solid form (in just the right places) that I could conjur up and when I was done, make him go away…yes, I still have some commitment issues. But would I really want to be woken up with an invisible touch and forced to have sex with some energy field or whatever it would feel like? Hmmmm, maybe. But it depends how violent and how many times it would happen. The reason I bring this up is that I had a woman tonight contact me and tell me that she has been raped and violated by an unseen force and she doesn’t know what to do about it. Personally, I didn’t know what to do about it. Do I think she is a nutcase? Part of me does. BUT do I think she needs some kind of help, yes, I think she may need to talk with someone as in the counseling field or psychology field or even talk with her clergy if she goes to church.  This was all going through my head when she immediately started moaning and screaming that it was happening (as I heard a bit of a loud buzzing) then and then she proceeded to ask me if I liked it and I could join them at any time. So, that ended my pervy ghost sex threesome that I was not planning on having, because she is was obviously someone that got her kicks that way. I’m just glad I didn’t head over to her house with my team. That would have been embarrassing.

But honestly, how many women through history have talked about ghosts coming back from the grave and taking on a solid form and able to perform sexual intercourse with the woman OR the man, have hear it both way. Like the Famous Entity Case (Google it if you haven’t heard it), or many cases of incubus or succubus seducing men or women. There have been several stories of women or men losing their lovers and their ghost appears to them in their home and they make loves for months and years until the spirit decides it’s time for them to leave. Are those types of stories made up by the person who was grieving so much they made them come to life because they weren’t ready to let go of them yet?

ghost pic 18 untitled shutterstock_82381516-1

Grief can do powerful things to a person, when losing a best friend, lover, husband, wife, your not only losing such an amazing closeness, you are losing that intimacy and trust that you had for so long. It’s some of the worst pain that can be lost and we find many different ways to cope with that grief.

Being divorced and not having that love and loss, I can’t understand what these people are going through, but after my divorce I came a little close to that feeling of horrible sadness and betrayal, but he was still living and my love for him had greatly diminished at that time. Some day I do dream that I will find my “soul-mate” someone who will love me unconditionally and share my life with me. Even if it’s not a lover, just that intimacy and closeness and love. I guess if I found that person and lost them, I would give anything in the world to have them come back for just one touch again.

So, ghost sex, is it real?? A lot of people say YES it’s real, More people say it’s a figment of someone’s imagination.  So if you’ve had any experience in this matter or know of someone, would love to hear the stories, you can comment here OR if you want to email them to me at If you are brave enough, would love to talk about it on our Ghost Gurlz radio show too.

Please leave a reply and we will answer you as soon as we can.

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