Now I’m a Believer – But also still a Skeptic – By June Nixon

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People ask me all the time what was the experience that got you believing there really is something paranormal out there. Well, I can tell you, when I decided to start delving into this field I went in to prove everything has an explanation, I didn’t believe there was anything out there, just believed that sadly when you die, you just die, end of story. I didn’t like it, but that is what I thought. But I was still really fascinated with the concept and wanted to see if something could prove me wrong. I’ve always loved anything about ghosts, ghost stories, ghost movies, Halloween, etc. Ever since I was about 5 years old, couldn’t get enough of Scooby Doo, Tales from the Dark Side Comic books or The Vault Comic books (yes, most other girls were reading The Archies, or really NO comic books), loved the old Hammer Horror movies with Christopher Lee playing Dracula, Dark Shadows Soap Opera, etc. I just loved to get goosebumps and be “pretend” scared. I’ve heard it said once that people who have lost someone before the age of 5 are a lot more prone to be obsessed with the paranormal. I had seen my dog get run over by a motorcycle and was in the room when my grandfather passed away, when I was that age, so that could explain it.

So enough about my childhood. When I decided I wanted to be a paranormal investigator I started taking a lot of classes in the subject. Neil McNeill offers some amazing classes, if you are interested, Google him and see where his next class is. You will be very happy you did. Anyway, he offers a class where you are in the classroom 2 or 3 times and the last class is an investigation somewhere. This one ended at the Walker Ames house in Port Gamble, WA. It was about 4:30 in the afternoon, we were setting up and getting a tour of the place. Neil had mentioned to us that we should stay out of this little hallway that was between the bathroom and the landing on the second floor because he felt there was some energy there that just didn’t want us in that area. So a few minutes later I came out of one of the side bedrooms and heard Neil talking with someone and saw his shadow in that same hallway, I started to walk in that direction when the shadow darted towards me and disappeared. I jumped a little expecting to see that Neil had walked into the little bathroom area, but he wasn’t there, I then found him and another person talking in the side room. I interrupted and asked if he had just been standing there. He had said no. We were the only 3 people on the second floor. I was stunned. I saw that shadow, standing there, then as I thought about it, it was very dark, short kind of stocky and bald. Neil is none of those things. Also I had him stand in the place where I would have just seen his shadow and not him, there was NO way I could have seen a shadow of a person there without seeing the person too, AND since it was so late in the afternoon and the sun was setting earlier, any persons shadow that would have been standing there, would have been elongated, not standing straight up and down. I tried EVERYTHING to debunk it. I even thought to get a leaf, tear it into a person shape and put it on the window. The window is stained glass so there was no way there could be a clear precise outline of a shadow. I was at a loss and my mind was blown. There was NO explanation for it at all. AND what REALLY clinched it was a woman from downstairs walked up the stairs right after that, and exclaimed that she just saw a shadow fly by her without even knowing that is what we were talking about. THAT is when I knew there had to be something else out there. That incident started a major fire underneath me and I have now been doing this for years and years, still having lots of questions and NO ANSWERS for so many things. It has been a ride that I plan to stay on for a long, long time.

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