Our trip to St. Augustine, FL, Iceland, London, and Scotland

In September we had such a whirlwind trip. Ross, Jon and I (June) first started off our paranormal journey going to St. Augustine to the legendary light house. Before the regular public ghost hunt started, we were treated to a private ghost hunt and tour. It is such an amazing place with so much incredible history. We did not get any tangible evidence but we did have some interesting personal experiences.

IMG_1411 St Augustine Lighthouse IMG_1431 IMG_1433

Our trip then took us to Iceland to Reykjavik, we did a lot more touristy things there but stayed in an old school house that is now an Inn, very cute place, basic beds and shared bathroom. We did manage to go to one of the oldest cemeteries:

IMG_1805 IMG_1788 IMG_1665 IMG_1642 IMG_1641 IMG_1620 IMG_1608 IMG_1606

I think the highlight of London was going to High Gate Cemetery, such an amazing place and we didn’t even get to see the “OLD” cemetery, but this was incredible:

IMG_1969 IMG_1966 IMG_1958 IMG_1947 IMG_1938 IMG_1930 IMG_1918 IMG_1906 IMG_1891 IMG_1857 (2) IMG_1854 IMG_1843 (2) IMG_1842 (2) IMG_1841 (2) IMG_1823 2 IMG_1810

Then we took a train to Edinburgh. It was AMAZING!! Mark and Aileen live in Scotland and took us to 8 castles AND let us go on an investigation with their group in Glasgow at the Victory Baths which is now a swimming pool. It was such an amazing trip and over too quickly:

IMG_2944 IMG_2953 IMG_2977 IMG_2997 IMG_3072 IMG_3098 IMG_2619 IMG_2654 IMG_2673 12184972_10153172896093144_7436139734578783896_o 12038205_10156151068250599_7584835590933714840_n IMG_2135 IMG_2165 IMG_2251 IMG_2246 IMG_2185 IMG_2261 2 IMG_2407 IMG_2421 IMG_2433 IMG_2469 2 IMG_2486 IMG_2500 IMG_2528 IMG_2548 IMG_2562 IMG_2577 IMG_2582 Doorways and Windows Church of Scotland Graveyard

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