Nottoway Plantation


Ross and I went on another amazing, incredible trip, to work on our book, Haunted Historic Hotels, this time outside of New Orleans and to Savannah.

I’ll talk first about the Nottoway Plantation in White Castle, LA.


I can’t even describe as to how beautiful this Plantation is – majestic ancient oak trees, fountains, statues, beautiful twinkling lights as you walk around the grounds on a moonlit night, well manicured lawns and landscaping, it’s Tara come to life.  Also enjoyed that famous Southern hospitality, everyone was so nice and loved to share their ghostly stories with us.  Also to top it off, there is a beautiful little family graveyard in the back part of the property that you can go to at night, if you are brave enough.


It was first commissioned by John Randolph telling the architect to spare NO expense! Construction of Nottoway was completed in 1859 at an estimated $80,000, and to prevent any duplicate homes being built, Randolph destroyed the architect’s plans after completion.


It had a few different owners down the years, the last one being Odessa Owen. She lived alone in the massive house trying to maintain it with her limited resources. Knowing she was unable to adequately care for the house, Owen sold the plantation to Arlin K. Dease in 1980, who had restored three other antebellum mansions, including the Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana with the caveat that she be allowed to live in house until her death. Dying in 2003, it was at this time the house ceased to be a private home.  Ross and I stayed in the room that she passed away in.  It has been said several times that people who leave the lights on in the bathroom or hallway, the lights will be turned off. Shadows have been seen, ghostly voices have been heard. But after seeing this magnificent place, and hearing all the history and love that was put into it, I think I would want to stay and haunt this Plantation too.



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