Welcome to AGHOST’s Book and

Movie Club!

A book club? No, say it isn’t so! No, really, it’s true! Not only do we investigate the paranormal in real life, but we love to read books and watch movies about anything ghostly too! Come join us and read one or both of the books below, and then come to our bi-monthly gatherings to discuss our books and watch a movie in the underground at Spooked in Seattle. Our first meeting will be in February, date to be determined. The movie is still up in the air, but our goal is to pick a ghost movie that is actually good, because there are so few out there.

I know we have some fast readers out there, so I’ve chosen two books:

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes by Caitlyn Doughty

This is a first hand telling of a crematory assistant. Really riveting.

Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill (Stephen King’s son)

A ghost story about an old rocker who has done his share of dastardly deeds, and is battling personal demons.

Anyhow, keep your eyes trained to this page for dates and go get those books!

What do you think?

JD Douwes